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Porta-Potty Problems: Addressing The Biggest Concerns For Upscale Event Planners

When you are planning a major event outdoors, you really have no other choice but to make sure that you have restroom facilities on the property. Otherwise, you will be facing a very short event thanks to guests having to leave earlier than they planned. If it is a more upscale event, such as a wedding or business function, you may skip outdoor planning altogether simply because you have major concerns about portable toilet rental. However, portable toilets are much more befitting for an upscale event than you probably think. Here are a few of the biggest concerns about portable toilet rental upscale party planners tend to have.

Won't porta-potties be a little low-class for an upscale event?

Portable toilets may have a reputation for being used at construction sites, carnivals, and other outdoor arenas, but that does not mean that they cannot work just the same for an event that is a little more upscale, such as a wedding. With a little sprucing up and the proper placement, your rented portable toilets will fit in flawlessly with your wedding venue. Just make sure you

  • set up the portable toilets in a private area, using privacy screens or temporary walls if necessary.
  • deck out the inside of the portable toilet with wedding-related decor, such as flowers and lighting.
  • take the time to look into luxury portable toilet rentals that usually boast a higher-end design. 

Don't portable toilets radiate a bad odor?

Portable toilets have holding tanks that are often filled with chemicals that are meant to neutralize odors. Therefore, in most cases, odors will not be an issue until the portable toilet has been used several times and is reaching its maximum usage capacity. To help ward off any odors that may be present, place automatic air fresheners inside or even potpourri-filled baskets. Making sure there is plenty of ventilation inside of the portable facilities will also help, so make sure any interior vents remain open throughout the event. 

Is there any way to make portable toilets more aesthetically appealing for an upscale event?

When you think of portable toilets, you probably conjure up the trademark image of a blue, box-like structure that has little design appeal to speak of. Even though this is a common design, not all portable toilets are made the same. You can usually get portable toilets in different exterior colors to better coincide with specific events. Plus, some portable toilet rental companies offer simple coverings in the form of a vinyl slipover-type shell that is less eye-catching than the usual blue. 

For more information about renting toilets for your event, contact a company like Toilets On the Go LLC.