Learning About Septic Repair Techniques

3 Tips For Keeping Your Septic Tank From Backing Up

If you have recently had your septic tank pumped out because it was backed up, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to prevent it in the future. Use the following tips to help keep your system working properly and flowing freely.

Do Not Pour Harsh Cleaners Down Your Drains

The bacteria living in your septic tank provide a valuable function, since they break down the waste materials to keep them from building up. However, if you pour harsh chemical cleaners down your household drains, these can kill the bacteria, causing a decrease in the numbers needed to keep the system in balance.

If possible, use natural or homemade cleaners for your home, such as vinegar and baking soda to scrub your drains or lemon juice to remove water spots. 

Only Use Toilet Paper Approved For Septic Tanks

When selecting the toilet paper your family uses, look for a label that states it is safe for septic tanks. This type of paper is thin and decomposes more quickly than others, keeping it from lingering too long in your septic tank where it accumulates other waste materials and clogs the system.

However, if you do not have a choice or do not wish to use anything other than your favorite brand, do not flush the paper after using it. Instead, use a scented small trash bag in the bathroom to dispose of it. To keep your bathroom sanitary, remove the bag and replace it with a fresh one each day. 

Avoid Using Massive Amounts Of Water At One Time

Try to avoid using massive amounts of water at one time. This can flood the system, throwing off the needed ratio of liquids, waste materials and bacteria. Pouring too much water into the system at once can also stir up the decomposing materials at the bottom of the tank, causing them to clog the sewage pipes.

For example, when washing clothes, do not wash loads back to back. Instead, stagger the times so you are doing one or two loads a day. Also, avoid taking a shower or washing dishes while the clothes are in the washer, as this can cause more water to dump into the septic system.

Along with having your septic tank pumped every few years, using the tips above should help you keep your system from backing up. However, if you notice your sewage lines have become sluggish, you may want to contact a septic service like Ace Sanitation Service to have your tank examined and pumped.