Learning About Septic Repair Techniques

Tank Options For Your New Septic System

If you're planning to build a new home in the country, you'll need to install your own septic system if you can't connect to the city's sewers. A septic system is composed of a septic tank and the drainfield. You have a few choices when it comes to types of tanks. Here is a look at your options.

Concrete Septic Tanks

Concrete tanks are common, and they may even be the type of tank required by your local codes. Before you buy your septic tank, be sure to check with your city or county to see if you have to put in a concrete tank. The tank can be built on the spot or prefabricated and delivered on a truck. Concrete tanks have a long life, but they can crack under certain circumstances. Cracks are often hard to detect unless you're looking for them. Waste can leak into your yard without you knowing it when a crack develops. If you have a concrete tank, it should be inspected on a regular basis when you have it pumped out. That way you can find problems early before your entire system is affected.

Steel Tank

Steel tanks are not used nearly as much as they were in the past. Today, there are much better options. You may be familiar with a steel tank if your current house has an older septic system. The problem with steel tanks is that they are susceptible to rust. Rust leads to all kinds of problems, such as leaking and even collapse.

Plastic Tanks

Plastic septic tanks are becoming more popular because they last a long time and they do not crack like concrete, or rust like steel. Plastic tanks are usually made with ridges, which make them stronger. However, you should make sure vehicles never drive over the buried tank to keep from damaging it. Plastic tanks are very lightweight, so they are easy to transport and install. The one drawback is that they can pop out of the ground when your yard floods or when the water table rises. To keep that from happening, the tank has to be anchored to the ground. Because of the risk of the tank moving around, plastic septic tanks may not be permitted if you live in an area with a high water table.

In addition to choosing the material your septic tank is made from, you also must choose the right size. This is probably determined by your local codes office too. The size of your tank will be based on the number of bedrooms in your home. For more information, contact Martin Septic Service Inc or a similar company.