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Three Questions Worth Asking When You Need To Rent Portable Toilets

Whether you're planning a large outdoor get-together, are on the organizing committee of a local music festival or you're getting ready for an outdoor wedding, renting portable toilets can take care of your guests when nature calls. It's beneficial to contact your local waste services company to talk about your needs for your event. The company's representative will be able to provide you with an ideal number of portable toilets based on the number of guests you'll be expecting, and they can also talk about add-on features such as portable hand-washing stations. When you have this conversation, here are three important questions to ask.

How Are Your Toilets Cleaned Between Rentals?

You want to be sure that the toilets you rent are extremely clean when they arrive at your site, especially if you're dealing with an upscale event, such as a wedding, in which people will be dressed well. Asking the open-ended question about how the toilets are cleaned gives the rental rep the opportunity to describe the process to you. This process can vary by company, but should include thoroughly pumping out the tank, cleaning all surfaces with soapy water and using a disinfectant chemical to remove any bacteria left behind and to ensure that the toilet smells clean. Any reputable company will pledge to you that its toilets will be clean and smell fresh when they arrive at your site.

How Can I Secure The Toilets On A Windy Day?

If wind is in the forecast, the last thing you want to experience is a toilet that tips over -- it will be unusable for the rest of the event and can lead to long lineups at the other toilets. Reputable waste services companies will decrease the likelihood of a tipping problem by providing you with the right tools and expertise to secure your toilets. Companies can commonly give you spikes that secure each toilet against the ground, while some can provide ropes and stakes to provide further security.

Are Your Toilets ADA Compliant?

It's important to ensure that at least some of the portable toilets that you rent meet the guidelines set out by the Americans With Disabilities Act. ADA-compliant toilets are larger inside, easy to access with assistive devices such as walkers and wheelchairs and have fixtures and door handles that are easy to reach for those who have limited mobility. Even if you're not expecting limited-mobility guests to attend the event, it's typically a good idea to have some ADA-complaint toilets. Contact a company, like Onsite Portable Toilets & Septic, for more help.