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When Bigger Isn't Better: 3 Reasons To Invest In A Portable High-Pressure Water Jetter

When it comes to removing clogs and clearing pipes, plumbers rely on many different tools. One of the most effective tools for getting rid of grease in your pipes is a high-pressure water jetter. While professional plumbers often transport large truck-mounted jetter units to a job, portable jetters can be just as effective.

Here are three reasons why you might want to consider investing in a portable high-pressure water jetter for your plumbing jobs in the future.

1. Smaller jetters provide greater accessibility.

As a professional plumber, you will be called on to clear drains in many different types of residential environments. If you have a clogged drain on the top floor of an apartment building, utilizing a truck-mounted jetter can be nearly impossible.

By investing in a small, portable jetter that is powered by an electric motor, you will be able to easily carry your jetter up the stairs and into the apartment that needs its drains cleared. This increased accessibility can reduce the time it takes to clear sewer lines, making you more profitable over time.

2. Electric-powered jetters can be safely used in many commercial settings.

Commercial clients present unique limitations when it comes to using a truck-mounted jetter to clear blockages from sewer lines. Grocery stores, restaurants, and cafeterias often prohibit the use of gasoline or diesel-powered engines inside the premises due to the exhaust fumes these engines create.

Since portable high-pressure jetters run on electricity, there is no need to worry that exhaust fumes will contaminate food preparation areas. Investing in a smaller jetter will allow you to take on more commercial clients in the future.

3. Small high-pressure water jetters have more than enough power to handle clogs in residential pipes.

If you are worried about the reduced amount of pressure that a smaller portable jetter can provide, it's important to keep the size of residential pipes in mind. Most kitchen drains are one and one-fourth to one and one-half inches in diameter.

These drains connect to the main water line at the wall, where the pipe typically changes to two inches in diameter. The smaller pipes found in residential settings can easily be cleared by the pressure a portable jetter creates.

Finding ways to clear sewer lines more efficiently can be beneficial when it comes to improving your plumbing business. Investing in a small high-pressure water jetter system will give you the accessibility and power you need to clear most pipes with ease.

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