Learning About Septic Repair Techniques

Constantly Running Toilet: Is It Really A Problem?

Of all the problems you face every day, a constantly running toilet may not seem like a big deal. After all,  your car may be broken down and the electric bill overdue. Unfortunately, this seemingly small problem can drastically inflate your water bill, hurt your septic system,and simply annoy you with its sound. You need to understand the significance of this problem and how to fix it. 


When your toilet runs constantly, you are aware that you are wasting water, but you may not realize just how much. In fact, you may be running as many as 200 gallons of extra water through your toilet each day. For some families, that means a water bill that could be as much as double the usual amount. That extra money could certainly go toward something that you need. A constantly running toilet can also cause your septic system to flood and perhaps permanently damage the drain field. You may also experience a basement flooded with sewage or frozen pipes in the winter.

Tank Parts

In some instances, you may want to try fixing this issue yourself, even if you do not have plumbing experience. The flapper is the black rubber seal on the bottom of the tank that lifts whenever you flush the stool. Over time it can stop sealing as it should, meaning water continually runs from the tank into the toilet bowl. Replacing it is pretty simple if you shut off the water to the tank and follow the installation instructions for each seal model. If you are hopeless with these tasks, beg your partner or neighbor to help out.

The float is often that big black ball in your toilet tank. When the water reaches a certain level in your tank, the float causes the water to shut off. If the float is damaged, your tank will keep filling, with the excess water running into the overflow tube. Sometimes you can simply adjust this float by bending the arm a bit. If you can't adjust the float, you may need to replace this item. You can find instructions on the float packaging but you can also seek assistance online with a step-by-step video.


Although you should be able to make some of these small repairs yourself, if you run into difficulty, call the professionals. A number of other issues could be causing your water to run.. Having your situation professionally accessed is worth the money when your own efforts fail you.   

A leaking toilet is so very common and so very expensive for the average homeowner. Check for several possible problems and replace defective parts if possible. If the idea of DIY plumbing makes your nervous or you run into problems, your plumbing professional (such as one from Elliott's Septic Service) is just a hasty call away.