Learning About Septic Repair Techniques

3 Solutions To Common Septic Problems

If you are having problems with your plumbing, the problem could be related to lack of septic tank maintenance. Septic systems are delicate and doing something as thoughtless as flushing non-degradable products down the drain can cause some serious problems. There are other things that may cause issues with your septic system, such as a saturated drain field or low levels of bacteria. Here are some solutions to some of the most common septic system problems you may be having:

1. Septic System Filling With Solids Due To Bacteria Problems

Bacteria is an important component of your septic system and when levels get low, the solid waste will not break down. This can be caused by many things, such as conditions not allowing bacteria to grow and chemical agents like bleach that aid in killing off bacteria. This problem is something that can be prevented by watching what you put in household plumbing drains. In cases where the problem is only low bacteria levels, there are treatments that can be added to the tank to help raise bacteria levels for a healthy septic system.

2. Water Issues Causing An Abundance Of Affluent

There are also some problems with water that can effect a septic system. If you have an older tank without a riser, the tank can become overburdened due to runoff getting into the tank. Overuse of household appliances can also contribute to these types of problems with septic tanks. To avoid these problems, use appliances that use water sparingly. In addition, if your septic tank does not have a rise installed, contact a septic maintenance service and discuss them installing one for you.

3. Drain Field Problems Causing Overflowing And Plumbing Backup

Drain field problems can be an issue if your system gets solid waste into the affluent drainage. This can cause the drain tiles of the system to eventually become clogged and back up into the tank. Another possible problem is an oversaturated drain field. This happens in dense soils when the affluent eventually saturates the soil to a point where the system will no longer filter affluent. These problems can be avoided by having maintenance done regularly and installing a modern drain field that is adequate for soil conditions when an old one needs to be replaced.

If you need help with maintenance and getting your septic system in shape, contact a septic maintenance service like Linn Septic Service to help with some of these repairs.