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3 Reasons for a Soggy Lawn and Failing Septic System Causing a Smelly Mess

There are many reasons why you may have to deal with a soggy lawn caused by your septic system. You can usually identify a problem if you notice wet soil and a foul smell near the area of a tank or drainage field. Sometimes, the problem can be a damaged tank, or it may be other issues with the drain field, distribution boxes, and other components of your septic system. If you have a smelly, soggy lawn, here are some of the issues that may be the cause.

1. Damaged Tanks That Are Leaking 

Damaged tanks can often be the main cause of septic system issues. They can be due to problems like an old concrete tank that is deteriorating and leaking or due to damage caused by weight over the tank. If the tank is only leaking, it may be fixed by having it repaired and a liner added. Issues with damage caused by weight, such as a car or heavy item over the tank, may need to be addressed by replacing the tank.

2. Stopped up Drain Fields That Cause Effluent to Rise to the Surface

Stopped up drain fields can also be contributing to the problems with your septic system. The issues with the drain field usually begin with solids in the tank. The solids may be overflowing and getting into drain lines, causing the effluent to surface. This can also be caused by collapsed lines and the soil becoming over saturated, which are problems that may require a complete drain field replacement.

3. Issues with Distribution Systems and Other Septic Components That Cause a Soggy Lawn

Septic systems can sometimes have a more complicated drain field design with many different lines and chambers to filter effluent. This helps give the system better drainage, but there is also the distribution box that diverts the waste. The distribution box is another area of your system that can fail do to issues like the solids getting into lines and stopping up sections of drainage. This can often be addressed by repairing the distribution box so effluent drains evenly and efficiently.

These are some of the issues that may be causing your problems with the septic system for your home. If you have septic issues that need to be dealt with, contact a septic maintenance contractor like Parrish Portable & Septic to take a look and help end your soggy lawn problems.