Learning About Septic Repair Techniques

4 Signs Your Septic System Is Failing

With proper maintenance, you should know when your septic system needs to be replaced before it fails. However, it is not always possible to know when your septic system is going to fail, which is why it is vitally important to know the signs of septic system failure. If you detect that your septic system is failing, you need to call in a professional septic company to help you out right away.

#1 Bad Odors Crop Up

Your septic tank should be able to contain any odors that come from it. If you suddenly start to smell human waste in your bathroom or outside of your home near your septic drainage field, your nose is letting you know that something is off with your septic system and waste is leaking out or not going where it is supposed to.

#2 Changes to the Drainage Field

Next, keep an eye on your septic tank drainage field. If the ground suddenly gets really soft and mushy when the weather outside doesn't warrant it, or if the ground starts to develop an odor, or if the vegetation suddenly changes, those are all warning signs that something is changing with your drainage field. Those changes are generally not good ones either, so if you see your septic system drainage field change, be sure to get it inspected right away.

#3 Slow Draining Fixtures Throughout the House

It is normal for one drain in your house to get clogged up occasionally. Made you put something you shouldn't have down your sink, or maybe a bunch of hair is clogged up your bathtub drain. However, all of the drains in your house should not start draining slowly all at once.

If all of the drains in your house are draining slowly, that is an indication that something is up with your septic tank.

#4 Strand Sounds in Your Plumbing

You may hear strange sounds in your house from time to time. However, if your plumbing starts to sound like there are ghosts living inside of the pipes every time you flush the toilet, take a shower, or run the water in your sink, listen to those sounds as the cry for help that they are.

#5 Plumbing Back-Ups

Finally, if your plumbing gets backed up, and your toilet fills up with waste and your sinks fill up with water, those are sure signs that something is wrong with your septic system. Your drainage pipes should never bring waste back into your home.

As soon as you spot one sign of septic system failure, get on the phone and get your local professional septic system company, such as A & A Oil Recovery Co, out to assist you and reduce the damage.