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Planning An Outdoor Family Reunion? Ask These Questions To Increase Every Guest's Comfort

Planning any large event requires careful thought. When the event is an outdoor family reunion, the planning process can be even more intense. This is because family reunions involve people of all ages, many of which will be driving many miles in order to attend. Since family reunions typically last most of the day and into the evening and include meals and refreshments, it will be necessary to plan for the hygiene needs and comfort of every guest. If you have been appointed to plan your family's reunion this summer, asking the following questions will help you create a wonderful experience that your family will remember fondly for years to come. 

How many guests will be attending, and are any special arrangements needed?

The first question to consider will be the number of attendees you expect to attend. This number will allow the toilet trailer service representative to determine how many toilets and wash stations are likely to be needed. In addition, it will be necessary to determine if any of the attendees will require special accommodations for mobility or other issues. If so, you will want to reserve at least one toilet trailer equipped with ramps and wheelchair-accessible toilets. 

Will adult beverages be served? 

When alcohol is served at any gathering, attendees who are imbibing will need to use the restroom more frequently. In order to make sure that all attendees will be able to access restroom facilities without waiting in line for more than a moment or two, consider increasing the toilet trailer facilities you reserve by at least ten percent. The customer service person at your local toilet trailer rental service can help you determine the actual number of toilets and wash stations you will need. 

What type of foods will be served? 

The final piece of the puzzle involves the type of food that will be served. Foods like barbecue, ice cream, and corn-on-the-cob are traditional family reunion fare, but they can be messy to serve and eat. If you are planning to serve this type of food, it can be a good idea to order an additional wash station or two to make sure that all attendees can wash up easily before and after eating. 

For even more advice on creating a hygienic, comfortable experience for an upcoming family reunion or event, take time to discuss your needs with someone at a toilet trailer rental company like Gotta Go Site Service Rentals in your area.