Learning About Septic Repair Techniques

Septic System Tips For Individuals Building A New Home

It is common for individuals that are wanting to build a new home to locate it in rural areas. The low property values can make it easier to get the space you want for your home. However, living in a rural area may require you to include a septic tank system to allow you to dispose of your home's wastewater. Here are 4 tips for setting up septic when building a new home.

 Perform Soil Testing Before Choosing Where To Place The Septic System

Many homeowners will simply choose an isolated spot to put their septic tank and drain field. However, it is important to choose a location that will have good soil conditions. Otherwise, the soil may be unable to allow the water to drain away from the system. Also, this could lead to instances of the soil eroding due to the runoff from the septic system. Soil testing will allow you to be sure to choose a location for the septic system that will have enough soil cohesion to handle the water coming from the system.

Opt For A Smart Septic Tank

It can be difficult for homeowners to be aware of the condition of their septic tank due to it being buried and isolated. However, you can now purchase a smart septic tank that has sensors and other electronic devices that make it possible for you to more easily monitor the condition of the septic tank. This kind of tank will cost only a marginal amount more than a standard tank, but it will allow you to ensure the tank is pumped on a regular basis. Some of these systems may even be able to alert you to the presence of a leak in the system, which can allow you to make prompt repairs.

Limit The Soil Compression Near The Tank

While it is important for the soil near the tank and drain field to be stable, you need to avoid compressing the soil. If the soil becomes compressed, it can prevent the tank from being able to empty. Parking your vehicle far from where the septic tank is located and avoiding placing large plants close to it can help to avoid soil compression issues.

Know The Indications Of A Potential Septic System Problem

When a septic tank is suffering problems, there may be warning signs that could alert you to the presence of this issue. For example, you may find that the soil in the yard has puddles of foul smelling water. Also, the interior plumbing may be less able to drain, or water may even start backing up in the plumbing on the lower level of the home.

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