Learning About Septic Repair Techniques

Money-Saving Tips For Residential Septic System Owners

As a frugal homeowner, there are many things you can do to save money and protect your home's systems from damage. When it comes to your septic system, it can be expensive if you don't take proper care of it. To this end, here are some money-saving tips for owners of residential septic systems:

Money-Saving Tip: Be Proactive in Your Daily Septic System Use

You will save the most money on septic system pump-outs and maintenance by simply being diligent about what you put down your home's drains. If your family is educated about how septic systems work and the things that are harmful to them, then everyone can be proactive about protecting it from unnecessary clogs or damage. By keeping harmful substances out of the septic tank and being vigilant not to flood the system, you will need fewer maintenance appointments and can go longer between pump-outs.

Money-Saving Tip: Skip the Flushable Septic Tank "Boosters" 

If you have been adding flushable septic tank boosters to your system in hopes it will add more bacteria and extend the amount of time before you need to have the tank pumped, you really should save your money. A quick online search of septic tank additives and the word "scam" will tell you all you need to know about the topic. It's long been known these additives do very little, if anything, to make the septic tank any healthier.

Money-Saving Tip: Use the Right Toilet Paper for Your Septic System 

Though your family may prefer the fluffy, soft toilet paper from the local big box store, it may very well be the most damaging to your septic system. Toilet paper makes up a large percentage of the solid material in a septic tank, and if it isn't the right kind, it won't properly breakdown. When this happens, your tank quickly fills and your leach lines and drain field are at risk of being damaged.

Only use septic-safe toilet paper in your home. And, to ensure it really will break down well, put some in a bowl of water and watch it to see if it breaks down. If it doesn't, then use a different brand.

Money-Saving Tip: Schedule Maintenance and Pumping Appointments at the Convenience of the Plumbing Company

If you happen to be home all day or if you have a flexible work schedule, you can sometimes save some money by asking for a discount if you are willing to have your home's septic tank pumped at the convenience of the plumbing company. This allows them to schedule your job when they have another one in the immediate area. Since this saves the plumbing company time and money, many are willing to pass along the savings to you.

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