Learning About Septic Repair Techniques

Reasons To Pump Out Your Septic Tank

Under normal conditions, your septic tank should not need pumping more than once every few years. A tank that is filling up sooner than that is most likely not working properly. Here are a few reasons you may need septic tank pumping for your system.

Failing Leach Field

The leach field or drain field work to drain the liquid that comes out of your septic tank, off into the ground. A leach field that is working correctly should operate without you ever needing to worry about it. If the septic tank is allowing too much material, though, you may have a problem with a full tank. The result is more liquid passing into the field than it can handle and water pooling around the edges. The water will often have a foul odor to it and will very likely look dirty. The solution is most likely pumping the tank out and cleaning the system.

Damaged Tank Baffles 

On the intake and outlet of the septic tank, there is a system of baffles that stops the waste from passing straight through the tank. If these baffles are damaged, the solids can form a blockage and the tank may overfill. Over time, the waste will continue to enter the tank but not leave it, and you may need to have a septic company come and remove the contents of the tank. If there is a concern about the baffles working properly, it is a good idea to have an inspector clean and check the tank once it is empty. 

Undersized Septic Systems

The septic system design takes into account the number of bedrooms that are in a house. The idea is that if there are four bedrooms, the house might have five or six people living in it. If you have a house that has had additions put on and bedrooms added, the potential for the septic system to be undersize is pretty high. A tank that is too small will fill up much faster than it should, and the tank will require pumping much sooner than the original design calls for. 

Damage to The Septic Tank

The septic tank should not ever have anything on top of it, and driving over it is the worst thing you can do. If the tank cracks, the material inside will begin to seep into the ground and the tank will not function properly. Replacing the tank is almost a certainty, but before that can happen, the tank needs pumping so the septic company can verify the tank needs repair.