Learning About Septic Repair Techniques

What Happens When The Drain Line Between Your Home And Septic Tank Clogs?

Just as the main household drain line to a community sewer system can become clogged by solid waste products or blocked by tree roots, so too can the main drain line into your residential septic tank clog.

Though unclogging and repairing a damaged drain line is always a job for an experienced septic service or plumbing professional, it's important you know how to determine if this is the cause of your current plumbing woes. To help you determine this, here is some more information on this common septic system problem.

The Location of Your Home's Main Septic System Drain Line

By design, septic systems are very basic and use the straightest possible plumbing routes. Since bends in pipes provide choke points where clogs will more easily occur, they are avoided as much as possible during installation.

The good news is that the simple septic system design makes the location of the drain line a lot easier to find. If you know where your septic tank is located, then you can typically draw a straight line back to your home. Along this straight line, you will find the buried main drain line.

Signs Your Septic Tank's Main Drainline is Clogged

There are many subtle and not-so-obvious signs that your septic tank's drain line is clogged or that it has been breached by tree roots, including the following:

  • slow household drains, especially those located in bathtubs, showers, and the laundry room
  • gurgling or bubbling noises coming from the plumbing located in the walls
  • stinky water backing up in the shower or bathtub when you use water elsewhere in your house

Slow drains are not always the sign of a major septic system problem. If one of your bathroom or kitchen sink drains is running slowly, then make sure the drain itself isn't the problem by plunging and cleaning it.

However, if you hear gurgling noises coming from the plumbing inside of your walls after running the water, then this can signal a clog further down in the plumbing. The gurgling you are hearing is air being released as the wastewater slowly bubbles through the clogged or damaged section of the pipe.

Further Assistance Unclogging or Repairing a Septic System's Main Drain Line

Lastly and most importantly, it's vital to mention that the gases and bacteria in your septic tank and drain lines can be fatal if you inhale or get them on your skin. To avoid injuring yourself or others present, you must have a licensed drain line repair service fix your home's damaged drain line.

For more information on drain line repair, contact a company that offers septic services.