Learning About Septic Repair Techniques

What Constitutes A Septic Emergency?

If there is one residential emergency that most people cannot and should not endure for a long time, it is a septic emergency. Below are some of the signs that indicate you have a septic malfunction and you need to act fast.

Sewer Backup

Septic malfunctions can send untreated wastes back into your house instead of getting rid of the wastes. Such a backup might occur if the sewer drains are backed, if the septic tank is overwhelmed with wastes, or if the waste treatment system is failing. A backup constitutes an emergency because it exposes your household to dangerous germs and also means you cannot use your septic system before the issue is resolved.

Septic Alarm

A septic alarm is designed to go off if there is a dangerous malfunction with the septic system. For example, the alarm can go off if the septic system doesn't have power, and waste is not getting pumped out of the tank. The alarm can also go off if the volume of waste in the tank is either too low or too high. You need to diagnose the cause of the alarm as soon as possible and fix it before further problems ensue.

Damaged or Missing Tank Cover

You also have a septic emergency on your hands if the septic cover is damaged or missing, for example, if you accidentally operated heavy machinery over the tank's location. The septic tank cover is a safety device that keeps people and pets from accidentally falling into the tank. The cover also keeps the waste inside during treatment and traps the foul odor within the tank. That is why a missing or damaged septic tank is such an emergency.

Floating Tank

Septic tanks are designed and installed to be completely underground, and for most cases, they do. However, there are extreme cases where a septic tank might float out of the ground, at least partially. An example is if you pump your tank during the flooding season or if you pump your tank and it is immediately followed by an extreme flood. The flooding may soak the ground and push the tank out. Emergency intervention is necessary to get the tank back into the ground.

Drain Field Pooling

Lastly, you should also consider it a septic emergency if there is water standing in your septic drain field. That would mean the drain field is overwhelmed by the volume of waste it is receiving. Further use of the septic system can lead to environmental contamination so a fast intervention is called for.

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