Learning About Septic Repair Techniques

When Is The Best Time To Call A Septic Pumping Service Provider?

Every septic tank has its maximum capacity, which you should not exceed. To prevent your tank from overflowing or filling up, you have to ensure it gets pumped out regularly. But most people don't know when they should hire a septic pumping service provider for septic tank pumping and maintenance. If this sounds like you, read on to know the telltale signs you should hire a septic pumping service provider.

Slow Drainage

Filled sewage causes clogging in the plumbing system, leading to slow drains around your home. If your drainage system is not working as it is supposed to, this is an indication that water is having difficulty passing through drain pipes. This suggests your sewage system requires maintenance, including septic tank pumping.

Pooling Water

As soon as your sewage gets full, water can start to pool in several places. Pay attention to areas around the drain field or septic tank. When waste blocks the drain field's piping, wastewater will collect and rise to the drain field's top. You need to call a pumping expert immediately if you notice pooling water around your tank.

Unusual Changes in the Lawn

In most cases, a backed-up septic tank will bring about changes outside (in the lawn) before they begin inside. Some changes are pooling water around the drain field and brown patches in the lawn, especially along the drain pipes. Ensure you call a septic pumping expert if you notice any of these changes.

Sewage-Like Smells Around the Tank or Backyard

Unpleasant odors around your tank or in your home might be a sign of a faulty or overflowing tank. But a foul-smelling backyard or home is not a sure sign of an overflowing or filled-up septic tank. Drainage-related clogs can also cause a gross sewage-like odor. Therefore, be sure to have your piping system checked for clogs before concluding that your tank requires pumping.

If It Has Been Long Since the Last Pump

Residential septic pumping needs to be performed approximately every 3–5 years. If it has been a while since you last pumped your tank, the tank probably requires some maintenance. Pumping should be done before the tank starts to show visible signs such as bad odor or sewage waste backup.

Timely pumping is vital to keep the sewage system running effectively and also ensure a conducive living environment. It is also the best way to prevent expensive plumbing repairs or tank replacement. When hiring a septic-pumping service provider, make sure the provider you choose is experienced and has the right skills and tools. 

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